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Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
13 Apr 2021
Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
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Versailles Phoenician Heritage and Legacy +Parasites NWO Antiquitech i900 Monument explained Part1HD


Copyright Hugo Someguy 2019. All Rights Reserved
Just As Copenhagen , Amsterdam, St Petersburg , Versailles is one of those magnificent water cities , used to be full of water, drained ancient swamps , absolute mastery of water , tunnels leading to paris huge complex ,

there is the legacy of the pheoniciens whom ruled until i600’s, same knowledge as great tartary , the celts whom was really France back then , Gaulia, la Gaulle ,

versailles Is giant because it was design for higher people not the so called builders whom was small left its people to strarve while putting perfume to prevent the smell of them really savages , I thought the architects took knowledge from Tartary but really found the place , legacy whom where the phoenciens , one detail: red hair giants south america dna had european hyperborean celts dna.

The forest of Versailles , seen some strange pits , carters , seemed weird to me

monument of tartarian tech heritage made by parasites , before two world wars hidden messages new world order

Clement ader, born 2 april 1841, death 3 may 1925, french ingenior of aviation, project such as theatrophone ( telephone emiting opera, theatre performances over telehpone , victor hugo described its first experience as pleasant. Nothing new under the sun

We wrote the book, l’aviation militaire at daw of first world war .

And was a electrical engineer , mechanical enginner and an aircraft designer and realised so caleed “ first self propelled flight of 300 meters i890

owl , bad prevision, as the bat, animal of night ,

the cage liberating the owl , inversed T , electromagnetic mechanism at the groud level ( aether free energy) mechanism antiquitech .

He rest on his arm, dreaming of a cloud and a flying machines ( propellers) in middle , dreaming at night, owl animal of night

his flying invention was in a bat shape , owl and bats are animal night creatures , and we dream at night , The eagle flight in the day but is enchained , the owl and bat represent the dream , the pituilary gland produces melatonin , needed to get asleep, the pituilary gland is situated in the middle of the sphenoid bone , also in bat or owl shape.

Owl , as the dollar bill, representing that we are in an illusion, a dream, the eagle is the opposite , the truth, the freedom liberty , the day light . So it was probably made the new world order whom appropirated many, created wars etc . Whom jailed us , inprisonned us onto that dream. While the eagle is chain. Exactly what we are seeing now , most people asleep ,w hile a few awaken

The owl was also used by tartary, polynesean , egypt celts, and many more showing the pole of our magnetic universe and self .

Polynesean was part of pheonicia; 4 leaf clovers of ireland ( research real jerusalem) , and free energy sign.

Owl depicting our electromagnetic torus field and also alchemy

the parasites stole symbols , demonized them, church banned magnetism as Heresy

More info will come on the subject as i am learning with you. trying to produce throughout empirical work.

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copyright Hugo Someguy 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to my friends whom after great discussions ended up finding good information for you lot to enlight yourselves
Alan A Henderson , marco fiorillo, Jefferson Nicol. find em on Facebook
folllow Jefferson group
for more infos
follow my other friends we will work on starfort of versailles and paris together
victor bugge aka the buggeman
michael van bodegraven aka the 13th Monkey

you can learn a lot from Martin Liedtke
the black sheep researcher
spécial shout out to max igan
much love and prays for australia
join xirtus tartary discord great work of andreas xirtus
recent tartarians

thanks for sharing, a lot is to come, some collaborations different sucjects , megaliths

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Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
13 Apr 2021
Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
Insurgent · 21 Views