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Demons Documentary (Very Interesting and Informative)
04 Mar 2018
Demons Documentary (Very Interesting and Informative)
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Infographics and frames:

Reverse engineering the globe. EDIT2: I'm getting asked a lot if people can re-upload this and or translate it to their language. The answer is YES - please do - all I ask is that you do not monetize it, do not name it the OFFICIAL video in your title, state that it's MIRRORED with a link back to the original. It has already been translated to Russian, and Spanish is coming out next.

Thanks for watching! EDIT: I have no problem with people criticizing this, debating it - but the moment you spew hate speech, personal insults/attacks, ad-hominem or filth to validate your current endgame beliefs towards anyone here - you will get blocked immediately. This includes shills, gov groups, bots, and anyone trying to control the narrative here with immature debate/bait tactics.

(this vid got picked up and syndicated by mainstream outlets, and they have taken the view count and hate count up 10 notches. You can be hateful on the news and article sites, not here please. I'm thankful it's gone viral even if it gets thumbs down from here on out (was at 90% thumbs up before going mainstream, hmm), and I urge you click on the video links below vs just brushing this off. You'll probably start to question your own views within a few hours if you actually allow yourself to take in some new knowledge vs your cup being full with no room for new intel ever again.

You're on my page, you are drawn to these videos for a reason, perhaps your subcon or soul wants to expand your truth, perhaps it's just to laugh and validate your belief in gov, nasa, schools, etc.

Either way, you're here for a reason - be a human and embrace some humility instead of attacking others for thinking differently. This is a proxy to show just how much our freedom of speech, thought, and expression are being attacked.

Saying "EarthIsFlat" is enough to crumble and break someone from their jobs to their peers and be ostracized for questioning the cabalistic curriculum. I don't have these worries but it's strange that you all think knowledge is power and that those in power are giving you all the knowledge/truth. It's up to you/me to discover and innerstand it.

*Thank you - There are way too many comments on this/all the mirrored uploads for me to debate you all, and that's no longer my purpose I've done that 101 times. There are new soldiers waking up everyday that can debate you, or use the links below to learn more - My next purpose is 618432, you'll see soon. Again thank you in advance to all leaving positive critiques vs hate.
- - -

Here's the soundtrack ::

Here's the long official version: ::

- - - - - Here are some other cool related videos - - - - -

3D Master Renders now entered into Public Domain:

Christmas Tree is a GeoCentric Ritual:

8D ASMR Digital Detox - Frequency Healing:

10 Flat Commandments:

FlatEarth Universe Martin Kenny ::

Frequency / Cymatics / Bio-Sonoluminescence
^ This is beautiful - greatly goes into the sine wave/sonar

Confessions Of A Music Industry Insider
^ This is how music really influences masses

History Of Flat Earth :: Eric Dubay

Under The Dome ::

200 Proofs Earth Is Flat ::

Hi, thanks again for taking time out to watch this. I know, it's abstract, and is meant as a thought exercise vs a definitive belief (hence 'theory').

First time I heard the term 'flat earth' or 'geocentric vs heliocentric earth', I thought 'hmmmm kinda crazy but it wouldn't surprise me'.

The ancient Greek, Hebrew, Norse, Hindu and other cosmology all use the ORB theory. A lot of the theories mix well with 'some' parts of modern science, and 'some' parts of major religions.

I tried to model this after watching Martin Kenny's video (linked above).

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Demons Documentary (Very Interesting and Informative)
04 Mar 2018
Demons Documentary (Very Interesting and Informative)
Insurgent · 275 Views