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30 Mar 2020
Our Blessed Hope Approaches - Keep your Eyes Firmly on a Possible Purim Rapture (March 9th -10th)!!
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Shapeshifting Reptilian Eyes Explained


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"Shapeshifts tell a story of danger, passion and jealousy...for just under the surface of pleasant social interactions lies a dark world of fleeting Reptilian shapeshifting."

Shapeshifts are real and can easily be observed in movies and television. Not random occurrences, they are actually part of the art of acting. The actor will shapeshift their eye for specific psychological reasons directly related to what's happening on-screen. This is what makes it so easy to spot the phenomenon. You simply analyze the character's motives and zoom-in on the eyes when it makes sense for a shapeshift to occur.

Shapeshifting: The Basics

*Shapeshifts are done in one eye (almost never in both eyes simultaneously) at a distance from the camera.

*In addition to distance, speed is also used to make the shapeshift subliminal. The combination of speed and distance prevents the conscious mind from perceiving shapeshifts.

*The intelligence that produces the shapeshifts can perfectly calculate all the factors (such as speed, distance and lighting) to display the shapeshift in a subliminal manner.

*Humans can only perceive the phenomenon by using the DVD functions of zoom and frame-by-frame to isolate these fleeting, subliminal moments.

*Most or all of the actors and actresses we see in movies and television display these shapeshifts.

*It is easy to predict when shapeshifts will occur by analyzing the psychological motives occurring on-screen. Shapeshifts are not random but are part of the art of acting. As such they are used to subliminally enhance the actor's performance.

*The main motives include: Homicidal intent / Deception / Guilt / Posing as an impostor

*Shapeshifts are displayed in a manner that deliberately provides irrefutable proof to our subconscious minds. This is achieved by displaying two basic types of shapeshift: The 'Clown Slit' and the 'Iris Above the Eyelid'.

Iris Above Eyelid Shapeshifts:

When an actor is looking at a mortal enemy they intend to kill they often display this shapeshift in the scene. Although it seems impossible for a human iris to appear on the outside of the eyelid, we can observe this in many movies and TV shows by using the psychological analysis method. We can easily find examples of the phenomenon over and over again with very little effort.

Clown Slit Shapeshifts

A black line appears within the eye and extend above the human eyelid. The Clown Slit indicates extreme violence and malice as well as corruption. The 'Clown Slit' is more than just a metaphor for Reptilian possession...It's an actual type of shapeshift that can be observed in many movies and TV shows as the actors portray negative Reptilian emotions and motives.

The Clown Slit In Popular Culture

In the movie, "The Blue Angel" an innocent professor is corrupted by a stripper (played by Marlene Dietrich). As he loses touch with his humanity and surrenders to his corrupted nature he actually draws a single clown slit over his eye.

The TV show "Lost" featured John Locke who gets a 'clown slit' scar over his eye as the plane crashes onto the island. The idea of the 'clown slit' perfectly applies to the character: John Locke is thrilled to be on the island because he is a survivalist who believes in hunting animals to feed the survivors of the crash. Locke has the key Reptilian traits of survival-ism and killing prey.

Of course, Alice Cooper has always used the 'Clown Slit' makeup design to indicate the corrupted and possessed nature of his stage-character.

'Morgue', a YouTube channel maker, depicts himself with a single 'clown slit' over one eye - the signature shapeshift of Reptilian-possessed individuals.

Tattoos are often used to indicate Reptilian corruption/possession by depicting gangster characters with clown slits painted over their eyes.


"He's cracked the technique and has unfailingly consistent results." -SovereignFOTL

"Your power to boil everything down to its logical essence is insanely refreshing. You really are a voice of truth in an endless symphony of lies." -Charlie Bravo

"I was quite skeptical. But your videos made a believer out of me, as well as my friends - who never would have believed this to be true, had I shown them content from any other source." -Jakobaine

"Everything your doing is so on the mark that it's amazing." -kirkstokes19

"You’re the only person on this planet who’s managed to work this out so accurately! Not only do you show it in such an easy to follow way, but it all also just feels right." -Alan

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Our Blessed Hope Approaches - Keep your Eyes Firmly on a Possible Purim Rapture (March 9th -10th)!!
30 Mar 2020
Our Blessed Hope Approaches - Keep your Eyes Firmly on a Possible Purim Rapture (March 9th -10th)!!
Insurgent · 5 Views