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Oct 10th-WARNING: Most Important Episode to Watch - But There's Still Hope
15 Oct 2020
Oct 10th-WARNING: Most Important Episode to Watch - But There's Still Hope
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Our Blessed Hope Approaches - Keep your Eyes Firmly on a Possible Purim Rapture (March 9th -10th)!!


God clearly shows us in His Word the methodology with which He brings about judgment over wickedness and that this was given as a sign to Israel through the multi-layered Sign of Jonah. Israel broke the everlasting land covenant that God made with Abraham when Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to President Trump's Deal of the Century. It is not so much that God's land was not divided, but that the borders are removed and that the Palestinians have been invited to take up ownership of land that God exclusively reserved for the children of Isaac. We now find ourselves in the period of time that will lead to God's judgment for Israel's wickedness and very serious trespass and in this video we consider the evidence from God's Word and how prophecy is clearly being fulfilled before our eyes! It would seem that Purim of 2020 is very, very important when it comes to the volume of evidence pointing to it from both Biblical and secular perspectives! You do not want to miss out - so please watch the video to the end!

A plan that our enemy, Satan, has been working on for centuries is also playing out in the world right now - just as shown to us through predictive programming - and this includes even the coronavirus pandemic which is targeting China. Please watch this video to see how the Corona Virus is part of an evil plan and was already on the cards in 2005 - waiting for the right time to execute:

The media which our enemy uses as a predictive programming tool has shown us events for decades that are now happening before our eyes. This fact alone should have every person who considers the information in this video think twice about their understanding with regards to the Word of God, which instructs us to watch for the return of our Bridegroom and looking for events that are described in the Bible that would point us to our unification with our Savior.

There are many who will hold to their dogmas and views without looking carefully at what the Word of God says in which we see how a Pre-Tribulation Rapture is modelled after the harvest and Temple models that are given to us to understand this. If you have not considered these yet, you have very little time to do so and to be a Berean in this regard. A link is provided to a series below in which this is carefully laid out.

Resolving the Contention:

We have a small window of opportunity that I would consider the highest watch time of our lifetime approaching and this could really be it, given how much emphasis our enemy has placed on this window of time as well. I hope you will be watching with me and that we will all be falling before the feet of our Saviour with me over the next days and hours.

Keep looking up and may our Heavenly Father bless you for considering this information!

If you would like to support me and help to get this information out to others through social media, you are welcome to do so at the following link. I am going through financial difficulties, which may be something of the past after the 9th of March - if the Lord comes for us, but if not, I would greatly appreciate any support you could provide:

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Below is a video in which you can see what has been done to the economy and why the status is so critical at this point:

Imminent Financial Collapse:

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If you would like to contact me, you can do so at the e-mail address below:

[email protected]


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Oct 10th-WARNING: Most Important Episode to Watch - But There's Still Hope
15 Oct 2020
Oct 10th-WARNING: Most Important Episode to Watch - But There's Still Hope
Insurgent · 30 Views