Insurgent 13 Apr 2021

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Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
13 Apr 2021
Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
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Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 5 Dance with Hugo Someguy in Vondelpark


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copyright Hugo Someguy 2019. All Rights Reserved.
In this video we will talk Esoterism symbols, Antiquitech, great Architecture from the 1600's to late 1800's in Amsterdam , the Netherlands , of use of very possible free Electricity from AEE Aether , of electromagnetic energies. Mudflood's and Antiquitech's theory which is, no more, when you get evidence and there are, many.
More info will come on the subject as i am learning with you. trying to produce throughout empirical work.
I hope you enjoy this part 5
In Lakesh''

Copyright Hugo Someguy 2019. All Rights Reserved

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I find very relevant of antiquitech
"You probably know that water is electrically conductive and the more salty it is, the better it will be conductive thanks to the Na+ and Cl- ions. But did you know that by applying two electrodes it can generate current, i.e. behave like a battery (see video of the small car). Also a movement of charges here ionic always induces a magnetic field around the flow. In the cathedrals we have a kind of circuit drawn on the ground called a labyrinth. This circuit is generally located under the transept crossing, i. e. the crossing of the cross that the cathedrals make, so under the main dome or arrow antenna like the one that fell during the fire of Notre Dame. It is necessary to know that two parallel and opposite direction conductive conduits generate a magnetic field that will be of the same direction and maximum on the central line between the two conductors. This is exactly the case in our labyrinth where the circuit makes successive reversals and thus generates a magnetic field of direction from bottom to top and in concentric circles. You will have guessed that this circuit is probably salt water in a closed circuit acting as a battery and therefore it is sufficient to connect it in a short circuit for its discharge or on a resistor. Now the organs produce sounds of very specific frequencies and in a cathedral there is air composed mainly of nitrogen at 71%. These N2 nitrogen molecules contain 2 nitrogen atoms with a triple bond that is difficult to separate. However, with a very precise frequency identical to that of the bonds, it is possible to dislocate at least one of these bonds and tear off an electron to obtain a nitrogen ion molecule, i.e. charged. A molecule can be ionized without necessarily being totally dislocated, but only enough energy is needed to break one of its bonds here by shock waves due to the sound frequencies. So the result is positively charged ions and free electrons. Here the magnetic field created by the labyrinth takes all its interest. This electrons will be accelerated and will rotate around the magnetic field and this will prevent recomposition into other elements that require less molecular agitation or entropy for these processes. So the electrons cloud will remain stable. Also this cloud will not be of uniform density because the more electrons there are, the more traffic there will be and as in highway traffic jams there will be areas of low density and areas of high density. The cloud therefore takes the form of a propeller. In a cathedral the cross is composed of 4 "cavities" which by rotation of this electron helix produces microwaves as presented in the operation of a microwave on the video. So a cathedral will behave exactly like a microwave. The dome above the circuit will concentrate these waves and direct them towards the antenna called the arrow which will spread these waves in the atmosphere and thus produce energy available by simple receiving antenna which will transform them back into electricity (probably by quartz piezoelectric). We therefore understand the interest of a cathedral which is none other than a microwave power plant. Nowadays, we use the same process on telephone networks for data transmission, which is nothing more than an energy transmission (4G,5G). It should be noted that as for the pyramids, nitrogen is represented by the God Amon (who gives ammonia in the pyramids) and it is for this reason probably that each prayer ends with Amen (Amon)"

(theory of Marco Fiorillo fiend of mine)

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Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
13 Apr 2021
Amsterdam Antiquitech Phoenicia tartary HD Part 6
Insurgent · 21 Views