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YRFT Update MAY 2018 - The DAWN of JUSTICE and The PIT on CAMS

Published on 27 Jul 2019 / In Today Reality

YRFT Update MAY 2018 - The DAWN of JUSTICE and The PIT on CAMS ...

YRFT Update MAY 14th:

YRFT: "Not only is the white out wave, the 3rd wave on, but it does
appear that shields have been deployed for heat from the Sun
as it continues its quick escalation. This is a critical Time, for everyone.

The entire solar system is feeling the heat".

YRFT: "More of the Pictures are removed or otherwise hidden,
and only a few come out to show just how critical Ed is now.
This is going to get hotter. UV in places is over 58.0, according
to some of the readings people are taking and posting on YT".

YRFT: "Everyone has moved off Hi1, and are now only visible on Hi2.

Besides the faces on Hi2, and the visible pit in front of the Earth,
Venus and Saturn are standing by. They've been damned, for their
invasion and deaths here".

YRFT: "This is Lilith who's avatar inside earth is "Queen Elizabeth" and Ra.
As far as I know, Ra is still present on the planet, and he is trapped
with the doors shut. As is Azazel, regent of Mars".

YRFT: "When The Last Judgement Was Rendered, There Was A Split Between An ("Hollow Earth") And Queen Elizabeth and Azazel
Were Banished.

Now The Rat, Ra, Is Finally Going To Pay For The Frame Ups And
Murders Of So Many, On Earth And Outside. His Bridge That Was
Over The Gulf Of Mexico, Was On Fire And Burning During The
Last Hurricane That Hit Texas".

YRFT: "As The So Called "Leader" Of The Saturn Council Of Ur,
He Is Also Who Was So Heavily Involved In The Military.

In Case You've Forgotten, The "Ra Domes" In Australia And Other
Works, Are Attributed To His Involvement In The NWO".

What Are The "Ra Domes" Aka "Radar Domes" Aka "Domes Of Ra"?

It Is A Cover They Put On The Radar Systems Such As You Find At
Pine Gap (Australia).

It Protects The Radar Equipment, And Also Hides The Direction The
Radar Is Facing, From Anyone Monitoring These Top Secret

YRFT: "When An (Set-An) Let Queen Elizabeth Back, And Removed
The Banishement, That Is When Hollow Earth People, The Nephilhiem, Were Charged With Aiding And Abetting As Well.

This Didn't Go Well For 'Hollow Earth' And They Were Bombed.
Many Times. This Is All In The Past".

YRFT: "Now You See Them All Lined Up, For The Final Judgement".

YRFT: "Now The Justice Phase Enters".

YRFT: "Things are moving very fast now. The events the sun is having are back to back, by comparison to past seasons.
Most of the other planets, according to some, are on the other side of the sun, all together. This puzzles people watching because they've never seen the line up like that before. Ever.

No one says too much about all the planets, we never knew, which are now showing on their charts and graphs.
And fewer ask how they suddenly are near earth, in rotation of the sun, when no one had ever seen them before.".


Audio Tracks:
- Carl Cox @ Ultra 2018 Resistance Megastructure - Day 1 (BE-AT.TV)

- Signs of the Future - Original Mix - Solid Stone

- Goliath (Emanuel Top Remix) - Gregor Tresher


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