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YRFT Update APRIL 2018 - THE 4th WAVE and The PROCESSION to The PIT ....

Published on 27 Jul 2019 / In Today Reality

YRFT Update APRIL 2018 - THE 4th WAVE and The PROCESSION To The PIT .... APRIL 2018: YRFT: "The Last Hours, Have Provided Some Really Scary Images, As Mercury And Mars Get Final Judgement. The Pit Rose From Below.

This Guy Is Seen With A Staff And Trumpet At Times, As The
Procession To The Pit Continued ..."

YRFT: "And I Did Hear, Finally, What Others Have Heard. That Jesus Did Make It, With His People, East With Eve.


YRFT: "When I Asked About The Planet Mercury, They Said "debt In"

My Take On That Is That There Are Those On Mercury, As We Saw Their Faces, Who With The Planet, Go To The Pit.

I Know For Instance, That Azazel Is Inside Here, And Not On Mars.
I'm Sure We'll Find Out More About How Things Work At Another Time. For Now, The Final Judgement Is Being Rendered Outside ..."


And Saturn Is Approaching. Ra, Saturn's Regent Was Also Inside Here, The Last Time I Heard. So I'm Sure We'll Find Out More About That As Well.

Ra Has Been Damned, Along With Lilith And Azazel. And These 3 Were Not Redeemable. The Weight Of The Debt Of Lilith And Azazel, Was More Than Their Life.


The Weight Of The El's, Was More Than Their Entire Race.

Once I Prayed For Them, Long Ago. I Was Told This Was Wishing Evil 'up'. You See, No Evil Can Pass Through That Gate. It Fries Them. Their Evil Was Their Choice, And Constant Choice, Not A Single Error.

It Was The Choice To Continue To War, Past When The War Was Declared Over. And All The

Lives Taken Past That Point Were More Costly For Them.

They Were Given a 'Earth 2' as per The Protocols, But Promptly Lost It Because They Continued The War. They Were Given The Moon, And Lost It For The Same ...


They Were Allowed A Treaty Multiple Times, To Gain The New Earth, Or Other Habitats. . . Each Time, They Either Did A False Flag, Or They Transferred Elite Who Were Damned And They Knew It, There. . . And Each Time They Lost It.

So The Debts Are Called In Now, And That Is The End Of It.


You Can See On Far Left, Hi2, The Pit 'host' Is Seen. When We Pour,
We Do So Into A Type Of 'Pot' And That Is Towed To The Pit.

That Is When Earth Is Pulled Up Through The Gate, Having Been Cleaned Out.

We Exit Before That Point . . .


YRFT "I Want To Remind All Of You ... You Are Not In The Real World.

This Is Still True ... Eve Said "Nothing In Here Is Real ..."

The Next Wave, The Forth, Is Sweeping Over Us, And It Is Hitting All
That Emotional Baggage Loose.

You Are Getting Rid Of It. Because Not Only Are You Moving, You Are Moving To A Higher Form Of Being.

No Longer '2 Dna' And This Is A Big Difference. You Are No Longer
Going To Think, In The Same Ways. You Are Not Going To Feel In
The Same Way, When You Can See More Of What Has Gone On.

Holding The Anger And Grief, Lowers Your Ability To Hold This
Higher Vibration.

The People Exiting, Are Going To Assist On The Outside, With The Pull.

The Wave That Comes after The Third Wave Is Already On, Is The 4Th Wave. It Is Going To Nail The Planet In The Cross Section.

But It Is A Wipe, And Purge, In This Wave Of The Build Up Of Negative Charge, So That The Higher Charge Holds ..."


YRFT "Everyone Is Feeling It, In Various Ways. This Is Satan, Risen Out Of The Open Pit.

The Herald Of The Pit, And Now Satan, Are Both Blowing Trumpets.

Earth Pours To The Pit, Before She Exits . . .

Animals Seem To Feel It As Well, The Cats In Particular Want Comfort.

If You Cant Sleep The Last Few Nights, And Feel Anxiety Now, It Is Because We All See It. The Evil It Possesses, Can Be Felt.

Time Is 'slower' Here, So It Took Days To Open And For Him To Rise Out.

This Is Truly A Horrifying Fate. Reserved For Those Who Were Horrifying And Depraved In This Life.

This Is Actually The Ending Of It All. Earth Pours To The Pit Before We Exit.

Keep Love Around You.

Things Inside Are Going To Go Hard, For Those Who Are About To Be Hit With All The Revelations That Things Were Not As They Thought They Were . . .


Audio Tracks:

- Memories (Extended Mix) - Dylhen

- Exile 007 B1 - Johannes Heil

- Purge - Amelie Lens, - Far_ra_go

- Active Sight - Adrenalin (Original Mix)

- Cyclone - Original Mix - KhoMha

- Genesis - Original Mix - KhoMha

- Tomorrowland 2015 _ Chris Liebing

- Alice - Paul Kalkbrenner - Tomorrowland 2015

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