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Truth Frequency, Episode 3: Secret Of Sound

Published on 10 Sep 2019 / In Today Reality

Sound is actually spherical and manifests as a bubble rather than a wave. The sine wave is simply the mathematical graphed depiction of the oscillation occurring inside, where as the space sound occupies is a hollow bubble. This is measurement of physics is known as SPIRE (Sound Propagation Of Infra-Red Energy). At the center of this bubble is known as “the event” which expands in 6 directions of space and time forming a hollow bubble containing concentric rings of high compression and low compression. This is 100% evidence that the Earth follows the same shape (concave) as sound can only expand in this fashion if it is contained in a hollow itself. This means we live INSIDE of the earth, (NOT FLAT, NOT CONVEX) and the celestial sphere containing the 88 fixed constellations resides in the center of the Earth, just as a nucleus would inside a cell. Welcome home to Cell Earth.

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