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The Second 9/11 is Coming! Alien Invasion Hidden Message (PREPARE)

Published on 09 Jul 2019 / In Today Reality

In this video you will see the transformation of Technology, what they will stage for us, will be beyond what we know, in the form of reality, staged Alien Invasion, to cause mass panic, to bring about their agenda and depopulation, Second 9/11 is coming PREPARE.

I just wanna say to those
who keep saying my videos are speculating fear, well there is nothing to fear when you believe in GOD

Sometimes GOD works through men to be messengers, we all are, we're given a mind to think for ourselves

This body is an image of GOD, our own shell, if we pass this test, we can keep these bodies in the after life

we will fight the evil doers from hell. We're all born with Darkness, lightness in kind, just as in Genesis

it's what you let consume you as a person, who you are, even being completely balanced, like Yin/Yang

and who we work for the almighty, the omega, and through the son, we can reach the heavenly father, with that being said

these videos shouldn't spark fear but only awareness, to be caution, to know your surroundings, to be vigilant, ready

and prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually, because this is a true spiritual warfare. Now, Enjoy the video

Song used in the video : Apparat - Goodbye (Instrumental)

(Rap) at the beginning of the video MDZ - look to the sky

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