The Covina Santa Claus Massacre (Private Investigator)

Published on 04 Mar 2019 / In Today Reality

This video and photos are taken by HI-CALIBER Investigations (State lic 23443.)

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The Covina Santa Claus Massacre:
The story of Bruce Pardo as he dressed up as Santa Claus this news eve, killing 9 people in a Covina home. Bruce Pardo even shot an eight year old girl as she opened the front door thinking it was Santa.

Pardo fired rounds thru out the house. Pardo who has a masters degree in Chemical Engineering, made a hi-tech device that shot and sprayed a highly flammable racing fuel throughout the inside of the residence. A million dollar home was gone in just a flash. Worse yet, 9 human bodies perished. We have photos and video of all that left on the front yard. The rain dear is still standing.

Pardo then fled to his brothers house in Sylmar, where he shot himself to death.

Pardos divorce Attorney Stanley Silver advised news sources that his client just finalized his divorce from his wife just last week. However for whatever reason Pardo did this horrific thing to his former wife and her family.

Pardo was disgruntled with the divorce courts directions, as well as he just got layed off work.

Our prayers and compassion goes out to the family of Joseph and Alicia Ortega.

911 police tapes are on my below article.

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