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The Building & Erection of Ham Radio Tower - Station K2PTL

Published on 04 Mar 2019 / In

This video shows how much work goes into an amateur radio antenna tower project. This is my first tower, and I learned a lot from my senior Hams, and the Tech Net crew. It is a Hy-Gain self-supporting crank-up antenna tower, with a rotor motor, Alliance dual speed control, and 5 band KIO directional Hex Beam antenna. Below are some of the logistics involved.

• I purchased a used HY-GAIN Tower
• It came with a 2 speed motor & a thrust bearing
• It comes with a short mast & longer one
• It came with a Tri Band Yagi (10, 15 & 20 meters) (but I later learned it was too big for our backyard)
• Order the High-Gain TB-37 tilt base for this tower (871095) (done)
• Rent long truck or long trailer to transport tower and antenna, then pick up tower (done)
• Read base instructions for dimensions, then mark ground (done)
• Have ground examined for pipes, via calling 811 (done)
• Dig hole according to instructions (30” square by 4’ deep (or 48” deep, I went 33” wide 4 1/2 ‘ deep (done)
• Build ‘construction frame form’ for concrete base (done)
• Pour cement into base (Hy-Gain suggested strength of 2,000 PSI, we used 4,000 PSI - done)
• Relocate dirt that ‘used’ to be a hole (done)
• Order KIO Hex Beam antenna (done)
• Paint Hex Beam for UV protection (done)
• Put Hex Bean together (done)
• Put 8’ ‘electrical ground rod’ in (done)
• Attach tower to base, attach Hex Beam, raise tower (invite the Tech Net Hams for this – done)

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