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Sevan Bomar On Truth Frequency Radio - Memoirs Of A Time Traveler [01/02/2015]

Published on 10 Sep 2019 / In Today Reality

Truth Frequency Radio With Chris Geo & Sheree recorded on January 2, 2015
Guest: Sevan Bomar
Memoirs Of A Time Traveler

"James Evans Bomar III best known as "Sevan" is one of the most diverse and enigmatic speakers of our time. He raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and physical advisors. Hosting the popular internet television program known as Astral Quest Bomar is rapidly gaining explosive recognition with his unique style.

Specializing in linguistics, etymology, and ciphering, James extracts the esoteric meaning within language. Having spent years in deep study diving through symbolism, occult sigils, and geometry, James has become an expert in defining what is beyond the veil. "

"Truth Frequency Radio is dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge information, professional hosts and quality broadcasts. All without the hate, hype or fear. We are not a network of anonymous people or faceless voices hiding behind a mask. We are REAL PEOPLE, bringing you REAL RADIO. And we are not afraid or ashamed of what we do.

Truth Frequency Radio is a team of individuals committed to elevating the consciousness of humanity. While our foundation is built upon working together, our team is diversified enough to take different positions on various subjects to provide you a 360° view of what is important to you. We never hesitate to discuss topics that other outlets deem “taboo”, out of fear of losing advertisers or affiliates. And best of all, we provide you the information you need to empower yourself!

The views and opinions of hosts, guests and callers may be completely contrary to the views and opinions of management or other members of our team. However, we pride ourselves on this type of diversity. We know that differing opinions are necessary for conscious, awakened thought, and we want you to be well-equipped to handle the changes our society – as well as our mother earth – are experiencing."

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Re-uploaded from Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Innerstanding


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