Insurgent 30 Mar 2020

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Trump Admitting To Hanging Out With A Pedophile
10 May 2020
Trump Admitting To Hanging Out With A Pedophile
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President Trump: A King in the Making


There are very interesting things occurring in the world at the moment of great prophetic significance and these would seem to be working to bring the world to the point where world chaos will be brought about by those who currently occupy positions of authority from which the Antichrist will then bring about a New Order. For those who have felt disappointed and even angry at the fact that we are still here and see how the world is becoming worse and worse, I hope this video will assist in encouraging you as we look at some world events with prophetic significance.

If you have the ability to share this information on social media, or through other means, please would you help me be re-uploading it to your channel/page and linking back to the original video in your description? This will boost the exposure that YouTube gives to the video as it would seem they are doing their best NOT to have this information shared with more people. Thank you and God Bless!

If you would like to support me and help to get this information out to others through social media, you are welcome to do so at the following link. Your support is greatly appreciated and will assist in helping me to get videos out more frequently:

Some of the videos mentioned in the video:

Joe Biden's admission to bribing the Ukrainian Government to prevent investigations by the Ukranian prosecutor into the affairs of his son, Hunter Biden :

Music Video showing Boris Johnson next to "economy briefcase" made in 1994:

Steven's video about Trump's Executive Order on Antisemitism:

Article from BreakingIsraelNews about the deadlock in the election process:

Some other videos that may be of interest:

Previous video about the sign of Jonah:

Understanding the Rapture and the First Resurrection:

What the Word of God has to say about the Resurrection of the Dead

Below is a video in which you can see what has been done to the economy and why the status is so critical at this point:

Imminent Financial Collapse 2019

Salvation video:

If you would like to contact me, you can do so at the e-mail address below:


Deal of the Century
Trump Impeachment
Calm Before the Storm
Articles of Impeachment
Brexit January 31st
January 20th
No-deal Brexit
Martin Luther King Day
Middle East Peace Plan
New World Order
When the time is right
This is the way
Israeli Elections
Iran tension

#TrumpImpeachment #KingTrump #WorldRuler

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Trump Admitting To Hanging Out With A Pedophile
10 May 2020
Trump Admitting To Hanging Out With A Pedophile
Insurgent · 6 Views