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Indian Street Food in Varanasi - Fried Mutter (Green Peas in a Leaf Bowl!)

Published on 08 Apr 2019 / In Today Reality

Indian street food to eat in Varanasi is amazing. One of the most memorable street food snacks I had was fried mutter, or stir fried peas served in a leaf with a leaf spoon.

While Varanasi, India, is extremely famous for being one of the holiest most sacred cities in all of India, it's also a pretty amazing city if you're looking to eat. Along the Ganges river you'll find a few snacks and random street food vendors, but to get the best food you either have to explore the narrow lanes in the ancient city or even walk around on the busy streets of the city. Within the lanes you'll find delicious Varanasi sweet shop vendors, things like pav bhaji and potato cutlets among other tasty things.

Right along the main road that lead to the Main Ghat is a Varanasi street food vendor that serves nothing more than fried green peas (known as mutter in Hindi). He serves so many green peas that even his hands look as though they've permanently turned to a green tinge. Everyday in the afternoon the vendor rolls up his street food cart and begins to serve his prized delicious peas. After frying them until they are cooked, yet still a little on the crunchy side, he scoops them into a handful of fresh leaves shaped into a bowl, seasons them with some masala spices, salt, chili, and a squeeze of lime juice and then it's all ready to be served. While this simple combination is easy to make may not even sound too good, I'm here to tell you that it was wonderful. Standing in the middle of that incredibly loud street while nibbling on my fried mutter peas that were extremely well spiced and tasty was a wonderful Varanasi street food experience.

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