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Harry Dent Warns : The Greatest Crash of our Lifetime in early 2020

Published on 07 Nov 2019 / In Today Reality

Harry Dent Warns : The Greatest Crash of our Lifetime in early 2020
Harry Dent in a recent podcast is direly warning his followers , it is slowing everywhere , the housing has been leading the world crash just like what's happening in Australia, and their demographics are a lot better than ours and ours are much better than the rest of the developed west like Europe and Japan . Australia did not even have a recession and in 2008 their real estate barely went down .So even Australia is facing the crash and China is hurting more than just 6 percent growth with the tariffs and stuff , they just control the figures . Everywhere I look , Germany is falling into a recession , Italy already did , in the US the fed is running out of ammunition , Harry Dent said .
It is very clear that sometimes next year we are going to fall into a recession . the indicators I am looking at , are all pointing to early to mid 2020 , but we still gonna watch what Donald does . Donald is going to come up with some reaction to a slowing economy , that's the wild card , but I would say even with that by late 2020 , early 2021 we are in recession for sure , and The Greatest Crash of our Lifetime is going to begin .I still lean towards the early scenario , that we are going to see during early to mid 2020 , he added.
The one thing I do know is that the market will make a major change in direction. It’s going to try to hide it as much as possible because it wants to screw everybody. The big traders — the sharks — make money, but all the minnows get eaten. That’s what the market wants. It wants people to be trapped in the bubble. Bubbles are very tricky to play. Now is a good time to get out. The upside is limited , Dent explained .

Instead of dealing with the global financial crisis of 2008, the government just printed a bunch of money and tried to blow their way out of it. Central banks should be able to create money in line with the growth of the economy, period. Central banks only make bubbles worse, which means crises and depressions and the deleveraging that follows.

With the last crisis , we didn’t have a Great Depression, which is what our models are calling for. So we’re just going to get hit harder this time. Stocks won’t go down 50% , they’ll be down 70% to 80%. Unemployment won’t be at 9% or 10% , it will be 15%.
Dent also tweeted : There’s only so much you can do to keep an economy going when it’s destined to bottom out. I review the most likely scenarios based on the historical facts in economy markets .

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