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Ghostly Shadow People - Black Spirit Mass - Captured on Video - Real Paranormal Activity?

Published on 30 Jan 2019 / In Today Reality

Shadow Spirit, Ghostly Black Mass? Paranormal? Or Not?
I would love your suggestions on what I can try to re-create this event on video. I am out of ideas. Last night I was talking to my friendly spirits, one in particular who seems rather more intelligent than some others. He is always there for me when I want to hear from him via evp, and is a kind, gentle, happy soul. I wanted to know if he could create a visual in the form of an orb. I had previously heard in an evp that he could not do this. So, last night with my Sony HandyCam running on Night Vision mode, I asked him to show himself in some other way. A couple of minutes later, I was surprised to see the entire frame of my camera display had gone black. For a second, I thought the camera was malfunctioning until I saw the black mass move out of frame. This was shocking to me, as I had never seen this first hand before, but I guess I did ask for it. Watch the video and tell me how you think I could try to re-create this again to rule out paranormal. I have tried my hands, arms, long hair in front of the lens with no success, not even close. I'd love to hear what you think, but please let the video run through the slow motion sections and freeze frames, so that you can see just how strange this is. No way should a part of a wall in the distance remain in focus if something else that dense is in front of the lens. Seems like very dense shadow material. "Thicker than shadow", is how I would describe it. "Shadow with dimension". Thanks for watching :-) See other sides of me at.....
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