Freemason 33rd degree secret exposed..It's not what you think it is

Published on 07 Apr 2019 / In

Masonic 33rd degree secret and meaning of their aprons exposed. Mason is also a partial anagram of Son (of) IAM. IAM that IAM (Hayah Hayah)is not the true Gods. The true Gods are the Elohim who created humans male and female and named THEM Adam in genesis 5.2. Adam represents all humans not an individual man. Eve is therefore a hybrid as she was created after humans in genesis 2 from Adams rib (which means cell). Some humans are involved in this deception, so some humans are also using holograms and are part of the disgusting illuminati deception taking place on this planet. For anyone who wants to investigate what the bible has to say about this alien invasion visit 9nania youtube channel for the bible decoded.

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