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Donald Trump - RED DAWN is Here and America better PREPARE! The Chinese Takeover (2019-2020)

Published on 09 Jul 2019 / In Today Reality

Will the Chinese invade from the Southern Border, Is this the National Emergency we been hearing about?
RED STAR Tanks and Foreign troops ready to invade America?
The persecution of Christians, Churches & Mosques!
If you are a believer in Faith, you are the enemy of China does Trump know this? The Nature of the Dragon/China
Dragon = Satan, is China helping the one world Government is the Cabal alive and well? BE PREPARED FOLKS!!

Movie Scene in the beginning of the video: RED DAWN 2012

Airport scene: Black Mirror S03E01

Movie scene with the lions: Qua Vadis 2001

Stay open minded, Stay Vigilant, Stay in Prayer!! And GOD BLESS!!

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