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Donald Trump Disrupting Antichrist Agenda

Published on 10 Oct 2019 / In Today Reality

Donald Trump Disrupting Antichrist Agenda
Our president Donald Trump in many ways goes against the Anti-Christ agenda. The Antichrist agenda are things like gay marriage, wanting homosexuality to be taught in schools, allowing for illegal immigrants to come into the United States without documentation, thinking that taking away guns from people will dramatically slow down murder… and MANY other such things that are HOT TOPICS in the United States. God Himself is the one who put Donald Trump in the place of acting President, and God did this to SLOW DOWN the antichrist agenda. If the antichrist agenda is slowed down it gives people time to think, time to REPENT and time to be SAVED. Many people just want to impeach Donald Trump right now, and it’s NOT because they want justice, it’s because they want to see their antichrist agenda pushed forward. Satan knows his time is SHORT, and he wants the antichrist agenda to be pushed forward so that people do not have time to repent and so that more people can be taken to hell. Obviously the President is not a perfect president, he is flawed in many ways, but God is using him to SLOW DOWN the antichrist agenda, giving YOU time to REPENT. Do you think that there will be more freedom when satan is fully in charge of everything? Do you think there will be more freedom, more time to repent, more time to reconcile with GOD? People are literally fighting against their own bodies, their own salvation, they think that things will get better if they just impeach the president and ONWARD WITH THE ANTICHRIST AGENDA. Things will NOT get better. Take advantage of this time that has been slowed down, that the antichrist agenda has been put aside for a time, giving people TIME TO REPENT, TIME TO SEEK GOD, TIME TO HAVE THE FREEEOM OF SPEECH, TIME TO BE ABLE TO SEE SOME THINGS CLEARLY! Do we appreciate what the Lord is doing for us? Or do we rebel against Jesus Christ? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

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