Clinton's Sex Trafficking Mentioned on Fox News

Published on 08 Nov 2019 / In Today Reality

Obama and Clinton played race card. When Wikileaks' report of "spirit cooking" and "child sex trafficking" is mentioned on Fox News, conversation was closed ==== Jehmu Greene (pro-Clinton) vs. Brunell Donald-Kyei (pro-Trump) debate on Clinton campaign's desperate race-baiting with KKK.

Dave Chappelle Defends Donald Trump, Rips Hillary Clinton: "She's Not Right And We All Know It"

WikiLeaks "spirit cooking" tweet gets Twitter boiling

Hillary Clinton’s Alleged "Lolita" Child Pedophile Sex Slave Island Ring Scandal: 5th Of November ‘Part 1’ Claims By Anonymous:

Clinton-Bush Pedophile Ring Fingered

Hillary Clinton Tries to Smear Donald Trump with KKK Newspaper

KKK website (I couldn't find the endorsement, but I'm sure there must be one, or the media and Clinton wouldn't have said so; and Trump wouldn't have denounced the group.)

A Grand Dragon of the California Klan claims to have raised about $20K for Clinton's campaign

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