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Cathedral Fire EXPOSED 16 Statues Removed 4 Days Before! Be Ready For Their Next Move!

Published on 09 Jul 2019 / In Today Reality

In this video i connected the dots concerning the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire That Happened in Paris Not only was their a fire in Paris, but one in Jerusalem Al-Aqsa-Mosque, before the Fire in
the Cathedral in Paris, 4 days prior they removed 16 statues from the top, (4)/ 1+6 = 7, 47/74

The fire was finally extinguished after 9 hours, the fire started at 6:50 PM, 6+5=11, 9/11

I Pet Goat 2 shows predictive programming, scene of the cathedral falling and collapsing

another scene after it shows a meteor shower, April 16 2019 starts the Lyrid Meteor shower

a day after the Cathedral collapse, Pryamids are stuct, and fall, on the approach of the Messiah/ False Messiah / Anti-Christ

They are getting ready for their next move, the Luciferian Elite are ready for the final battle
with the believers of faith, Jesus, and God, PREPARE brothers and sisters...

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