Insurgent 25 Mar 2020

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I Love You - Lord Steven Christ's Concave Earth
30 Aug 2020
I Love You - Lord Steven Christ's Concave Earth
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Blood Over Intent Mix 3 (FIRE OF THE HEART) ***Love Wins ????????????????♾ ☥144,000 نبوءة


Blood Over Intent Shows Your Creator Proof Of Life ????
Heaven On Earth For The Benefit Of All ????
Satan's Sealed Elect By The Book 144,000 ☥
Elixir Of Immortality Holy Grail ????
Fountain Of Youth At The Center Of Your Reality ????
The Earth Is Flat, Motionless, & Stationary ????
Plant The Seeds For Giant Silica Trees ????
Release All From The Bondage Of Time, Money, & Death ❌????
Exodus (Naturally Come Back) ⛲️

#everlastinglife #heavenonearth #immortality

Blood Over Intent Or Expire By The Book. ???????????? No Way To F*ck This Up. ???? Your Government Can’t Save You. ???? Your Money Can’t Save You. ???????? Jesus Can’t Save You. ???? The Angel Of Death Is Going To Find You. ???? We Shall Fix That Believe. ✊ Book Of Life. ???? We Will Live. ???? 144,000. ☥ Satan’s Sealed Elect. ???? No One Will Stop Us. ???? Try And Stop Us. ???? Go To Hell. ???? Wake Up. ???? Inside Reaps Of Maya. ????

Only The Real Can See. ????

Everlasting Life. ????‍???? Fountain Of Youth. ⛲️ Elixir Of Immortality. ???? Garden Of Eden. ???? Center Of The Flat Earth Plane. ???? All Come Passes Point North. ???? Polaris Is The Only Fixed Star. ???? Plant The Seeds. ????????☀️ Giant Silica Trees. ???? Usher In A New Golden Age Of Expansion. ♾

I Intend To Love All And Exclude None. ???? I Intent To Release Everyone From Any Bondage. ???? No One Left Behind. ????

Show your creator proof of life or expire from your own stupidity or Old Age. ???? Mthr FCKRS. ⚖️ Lap it up. ???? Satan is. ???? Samuel is out. ???? F*ck off and die. ????‍♀️????‍♂️ God eat them all. ???? (God) Yah is a women. ????‍♀️ Stupid Monkey. ???? God Law. ???? God hates you. ????‍♀️ Stop us will no one. ???? You have no soul. ???? Try and stop us Snake. ???? The lake of fire. ???? Buddha Can’t Save You. ???? Yahweh Can’t Save You. ❌ Allah can’t save you. ????

The Vatican stole your soul print at birth. ???? You know nothing of truth. ???? I don’t ask for your money, worship, or advice. ???? I am not a religion. ???? You can’t donate money to me. ???? No one is requiring you to place your blood over your public written intention. ✍️ You can not call us a cult. ???? All your leaders swear on the same MTHR FCKN BIBLE. ???? No way to f*ck this up. ???? Your are legally dead and a necrophiliac, a filthy monster lost at sea under maritime law. ???? Look it up. ???? We the snake venom. ???? F*ck you. ???? I leave for heaven in a nice new ship hurry! ????‍♀️ Mark Braun. ????‍♂️ King Of Hell. ????

Reverse Speech. Back Masking. Reveals hidden truths of this universe. Keep it clean. We’re a team. Never follow. They’re Completely hollow. Best lead... so stop being so mean. Keep your intentions respectful. Never listen To Any Dream Stealers.

#bloodoverintent #bythebook #bookoflife


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I Love You - Lord Steven Christ's Concave Earth
30 Aug 2020
I Love You - Lord Steven Christ's Concave Earth
Insurgent · 2 Views