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At the TOP of Taipei 101 Observatory - Taiwan Food and Travel Guide (Day 4)

Published on 08 Apr 2019 / In Today Reality

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Probably one of the most famous things to do in Taipei is go to the Taipei 101, which is the tallest and most iconic building in the city. On the first few floors of the Taipei 101 is a luxury mall, but the most popular attraction is the Taipei 101 Observatory, which is located on the 89th and 91st floors. The entrance price is a pretty steep cost of 500 Taiwan Dollars, but it’s a popular thing to do and I wanted to check it out during out trip. We arrived in the morning, right after they opened at about 9 am, bought our tickets, and went to the elevator to go to the top of the building. The elevator ride, which they claim is the fastest elevator in the world, was quite amazingly fast. It felt like it only took about 10 seconds but in reality it actually took about 40 seconds - but to get to the 89th floor, it was still incredibly fast. Once at the top, it was mostly just an observatory set up specifically for tourists, but still worth it for the amazing views of Taipei city and the surrounding mountains.

After going to the Taipei 101 Observatory, we came down, and there happens to be a branch of Din Tai Fung, the famous Taiwanese soup dumplings restaurant at the Taipei 101. Luckily we arrived quite early when the restaurant wasn’t too busy, so we happen to get seats easily for lunch. I made a separate full video about eating at Din Tai Fung, which I’ll post later.

After lunch, since were were still near the Taipei 101, we decided to go to Elephant Hill, a mountain near Taipei 101 where there are some hiking and nature trails. After figuring out which trail to take, we took a staircase trail, which was well marked out to Elephant Hill. The walk didn’t take more than about 20 minutes, and once we arrived at the Elephant Hill lookout point, we could see the entire skyline of Taipei, but a much different perspective of Taipei from the Taipei 101 Observatory. It was good to see and I enjoyed the outdoor atmosphere and the different perspective of the skyline from the mountain. I would highly recommend going to Elephant Hill when you’re in Taipei.

Next, we rushed off to the Taipei Zoo, one of the largest and most developed zoos in Asia. The price was only 60 TWD, and it was very nice to just spend some time walking around and enjoying both the animals and the impressively lush and tropical zoo grounds. I think the Taipei zoo is one of the great things to do if you have kids, or even you can go just to walk around and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. After the Taipei zoo, we wanted to go to the Maokong Gondola, but due to stormy weather, the Gondola closed, so we had to change our plans.

From the Taipei Zoo, we headed back to the Dongmen area and had a snack of a famous Taiwanese shaved ice, and then we had dinner at a local restaurant.

That was it for Day 4 in Taiwan - pretty cool to have a chance to visit the Taipei 101 Observatory.

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