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Behold A Pale Horse - Omar Sharif Google Doodle Decoded
04 Jul 2020
Behold A Pale Horse - Omar Sharif Google Doodle Decoded
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Anonymous - Google manipulating Hillary Clinton search results


Anonymous - Google manipulating Hillary Clinton search results
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Greetings world, We are Anonymous.

Millions of people use Google every single day, to search for anything and everything. News articles, t shirts, and even illegal downloads of their favorite television shows. Google is the most widely used search engine in the United States and Europe and still has a widespread hold across global search. Search engines and much of the internet are based on the principle that the more people care about, search for, or visit something it'll rise to the top of the search results and be seen by more people. Popular search engines have an auto complete function so as you type something it's attempting to answer your question for you before you even finish, and we assume that the results and recommendations offered by that auto complete are things that people have actually been searching for.

When you put 79 divided by 5 into Google it's always 15.8, when you ask how do you make pizza dough you're going to get a bunch of recipes of how to make pizza dough. Because of that principle there is an inherent trust that when you search for something on Google, you are seeing the actual factual answer to your query or question based at least in part in the result to what other people are actually searching for.

In the case of Hillary Clinton who clinched the democratic nomination, we know for a fact that is not the case. Google has been actively altering search recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton's campaign. When we type in "hillary clinton cri" in to Google, the sites auto complete function shows three potential searches: "hillary clinton crime reform", "hillary clinton crisis", and "hillary clinton crime bill 1994"...Full Transcript:

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Credit to "SourceFed" for transcript, some clips, and bringing this information to light (0:00-4:48):

Credit to "Jeanette Johnson-Jing" for their original video "Hillary Clinton's debate lies" (4:49-12:36):

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Behold A Pale Horse - Omar Sharif Google Doodle Decoded
04 Jul 2020
Behold A Pale Horse - Omar Sharif Google Doodle Decoded
Insurgent · 2 Views